International Safety Guide for Inland Navigation Tank-barges and Terminals

ISGINTT Working Group - New Chairperson

Strasbourg, 7 April 2017

The Secretariat is glad to announce the appointment of Mr. Remy Bouman as the new chairperson of the ISGINTT Working Group and wishes him a successful leadership.

Mr. Bouman has gained extensive work experience in fields relevant for ISGINTT and has been working since 2014 as QSHE Manager at VT Group Rotterdam and Panama. He started his professional career as a deep-sea diver and held successfully positions of Senior Process Technician, Marine Supervisor, Quality Assurance Technician, Project Coordinator, Ship Operation Inspector, Quality Assurance Coordinator Europe and Barge Coordinator Europe.

The ISGINTT Steering Committee and the participating organisations are confident, that under Mr. Bouman’s leadership the Working Group will soon finalize the draft revision of the ISGINTT guide and present it to the Committee for adoption.