International Safety Guide for Inland Navigation Tank-barges and Terminals


December 2011


End of February 2011 Mr. Jaegers, in his function as the chairperson of the ISGINTT SC, has sent out a letter to about 200 persons asking for financial support for the translation of the ISGINTT.

Meanwhile nine organisations and enterprises have announced their financial contribution to support the translation of the ISGINTT safety guide. Until today CCNR has received 35,500 EUR, further more than 5,000 EUR have been announced.

The ISGINTT SC decided to use money that will be received in the future for future revisions of the ISGINTT safety guide. (Find more information here.)


The French translation of the ISGINTT safety guide is available for download on the ISGINTT website.

The translation of the ISGINTT safety guide into Dutch and German has been started.

Volunteers are requested to support the technical linguistic check of the translations and to contact the Secretariat.

The Spanish translation of the Checklist is available on the ISGINTT website. You can find it under the menu item "Document". On the right side, at the end of the English chapters the Spanish translation of the checklists is available under the heading "Apéndices".

ISGINTT safety guide

Paper versions of the ISGINTT safety guide are available on request. Please contact the Secretariat.

Since June 2010 the ISGINTT safety guide has already been downloaded about 2,200 times from the ISGINTT website.

ISGINTT website

Suggestions for information, interesting news and technical questions to be put on the website can be sent to the Secretariat.

Until now the website received about 32,000 visitors since June 2010. 1,300 of which consulted the FAQ page.

CCNR will provide a translation into French, German and Dutch of the ISGINTT website.

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